May 2022

President's Message

Tia Politi, ORHA President

Astoria Palooza!
This year’s “far-flung” meeting location is in beautiful Astoria, Oregon, May 19th, 20th and 21st. We are shaking things up a bit and offering a days’ worth of great classes on Thursday the 19th. Christian Bryant, Violet Wilson, and myself are teaching classes all day to help raise awareness (and money) for the Clatsop County ROA.

Remember, traveling for things like education is tax deductible as allowed by law, so we hope to see you there. Pre-registration is required, but if space allows, we may be able to accommodate extras. On Friday, we will be holding our committee meetings and, of course, Saturday is the board meeting. Check out Office Manager Ben Seaman’s office update for a full schedule and links to join in virtually if you can’t be there in person.

2022 Forms Manual
The 2022 Forms Manual is heading to the finish line! We will let you know when...

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Office Update

Benjamyn Seamans

Hello all, the office has been running very smoothly over the past month as we’ve been preparing for Astoria! On Thursday May 19, 2022, ORHA and the Clatsop County Rental Owners Association are hosting the in-person 2022 Property Management Seminar – Click Here for the Flyer. On Friday May 20, 2022, ORHA will be having their committee meetings – If you are a delegate and would like to join a committee meeting, please email for the schedule and links. Lastly, on Saturday May 21, 2022, ORHA will be having their May board meeting -- If you are a delegate and would like to join the board meeting, please email for the meeting link and required NDA.

In effort to better secure and protect our association, ORHA will now be requiring that all delegates (who attend board meetings, virtually or in-person) sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to attending the meeting. The NDA will be emailed out and must be signed before you may attend an ORHA board meeting. Put simply, the NDA is designed to establish and maintain a sense of confidentiality throughout the association.

The local forms store has certainly been a work in progress, and we are excited to share...

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Mind Your Business: Tia's Tips for Better Rental Management

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Do you have problems? I do. My life isn’t perfect, and I suspect yours isn’t either. Illness, injury, death, divorce, job loss, these things touch everyone’s lives. We either muddle through or give up. No one escapes life unscathed. So, when you have challenges in your personal life, do you go to your tenants for say, a loan? Not likely. That would be inappropriate, right? And so it is in reverse.

Many problems that arise between landlords and tenants come from a failure to set proper boundaries, and the burden for setting those boundaries falls mainly to the landlord. Some rental owners have trouble knowing how to do that, and end up too involved in their tenants’ lives. But inappropriate levels of assistance and involvement creates a dependency that actually prevents a healthy relationship with your tenants.

Many of those who come to me for help with a bad situation with a tenant have been manipulated, lied to, and cheated out of time, life and money. But they have only themselves to blame. By giving in time and again to accommodate a tenant’s problems, the dynamic of the relationship changes from ‘Housing Provider and Customer’, to ‘Benefactor and Beholden One.’ This creates a power imbalance between landlord and tenant that starts with gratitude, but leads to resentment. And with some tenants the problems never end. It starts with the repeated offering and accepting of excuses and is often accompanied by charm and attempts to get friendly. Month after month it’s something else, some new story, some new problem. In the end, the landlord’s supportive, kind actions end up fostering in their tenant either a sense of entitlement or of inferiority, and the bad behavior...

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In-Person 2022 Property Management Seminar

Astoria, Oregon | Presented alongside the Clatsop County Rental Owners Association

Click Here for the Event Flyer

ORHA and the Clatsop County Rental Owners Association present: In-Person 2022 Property Management Seminar

Thursday May 19, 2022 | 9:30 am -- 5:00 pm

Register for all three events together or individually -- Continuing Education Credits are available for purchase, please see the Event Flyer for further details.

9:30 am -- 11:30 am | Instructed by: Tia Politi | Tenant Noncompliance, Termination, and Delivery of Notices

12:30 pm -- 2:30 pm | Instructed by: Christian Bryant | Fair Housing

3:00 pm -- 5:00 pm | Instructed by: Violet Wilson | Legislative Update and Live Q&A with Speakers

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Insurance Tip of the Month
Lance Lesueur

Every insurance policy has its negatives. The fire policy for all your rental structures hopefully has Replacement Cost coverage. Replacement Cost will repair your home damage with like kind and quality BUT …will not make your rental better by upgrading your home to today’s codes that were not present before the loss.

That is the reason you need to ask your agent if you have upgrade coverage especially if you have older rentals. The upgrade coverage will bring your rental up to 2022 codes even though your rental was built in 1946, for example.

So, if your rentals are 20 years of age or older, please talk to your agent to see if your policy on your rentals has “Ordinance or Law Coverage” which will upgrade your rental to today’s codes. "Ordinance or Law" is an independent agent terminology, but all companies have the ability to give you this coverage if your rental qualifies. The older the structure the higher Ordinance and Law limits of coverage you will probably need. Remember, “The big print giveth and the small print taketh away.” 

Upcoming Events

Lane ROA

The Move-In Process...

05/12/2022 | 11:00 am

Salem RHA

Clients' Trust Account

05/17/2022 | 12:00 pm


Managing your Tenants

05/24/2022 | 5:00 pm

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