April 2022

President's Message

Tia Politi, ORHA President

With a flurry of COVID-19 law overlays implemented over the past two years we have thankfully been spared a deluge of new restrictions on housing providers. There were, however, a few law changes related to screening that came out of the 2021 long session, and a couple of important changes from the 2022 short session. I wrote an extensive article on those screening changes back in January, and this month check out Legislative Director Jason Miller’s write up on HB 1536 regarding new restrictions and requirements on portable cooling devices.

The Forms Committee is launching a new form for housing providers to send to residents about this new law. If you want to restrict the ability of residents to install portable cooling devices, you MUST send...

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Office Update

Benjamyn Seamans

Thank you to everyone that could make it to our March meeting in Creswell – A meeting announcement has been emailed out for our upcoming board meeting in May and hotel rooms need to be booked by 04/18/2022.

The Clatsop County Rental Owners Association (CCROA) is working alongside ORHA’s Mentorship Program to present THREE in-person classes on Thursday May 19, 2022 from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm PDT. For more information, download our flyer here.
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Mind Your Business: Tia's Tips for Better Rental Management

Taking Over Existing Tenancies

As a rental owner, most of the properties hubby and I purchased were vacant or were our primary residence before being turned into rentals. We did have instances however, when we purchased a property with a renter in place. For most private investors this will happen at some point, and certainly for property managers it happens all the time. Either way it can be a challenge. Most residents handle the transition to a new owner or manager well, others not so much. Most sellers have good renters, professional documentation, and a habitable unit, others not so much.

Transition 101
Just like other areas of life, courtesy and kindness go a long way to drawing people to your way of thinking. Transitions can be particularly difficult for some people and a pleasant, calm, helpful demeanor is always a good idea. I have occasionally had renters who...

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We're seeking a Deputy Legislative Director

Start Date: June 1st, 2022

Do you want to help fight for the rights of mom and pop rental owners throughout the state? Do you have experience in property management with a healthy knowledge of ORS 90? The Oregon Rental Housing Association is looking for a Deputy Legislative Director. 

Job description/Duties
The ORHA Deputy Legislative Director works in coordination with the Legislative Director, convening (mostly virtually) with legislators and other landlord groups to find consensus on plans of action and negotiated changes to landlord-tenant law. Responsible for all written communications to the local chapters of ORHA throughout the state, including e-blasts and the ORHA newsletter. This position requires a wildly varying time commitment with the bulk of the work happening during the legislative sessions...

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SB 1536 | The Tenant Right to Cooling Bill

Jason Miller, ORHA Legislative Director

Housing providers experienced some welcome relief in the 2022 long session. Because of negotiations with legislators related to Senate Bill 891, we only had one bill become law, the tenant right to cooling bill. The bill takes effect immediately.

In recent years Oregon has experienced some extremely high temperatures. Not everyone can tolerate the extreme heat, especial those of advanced age or with illnesses. Many individuals died due to extreme heat. Legislators worked with Housing Provider associations to address concerns they may have with allowing tenants to have portable cooling devices while addressing the need for cooling.

Landlords must allow portable free standing air conditioners and window mounted air conditioners under the following conditions...

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Insurance Tip of the Month
Lance Lesueur

My Fellow Landlords and Friends,

We all know building costs have gone up.  A 2x4 that was $2  in 2021 is now $8.  You may not have enough coverage in your policy's building limits to rebuild your rental today in 2022, compared with your building limits in 2021.  CALL YOUR AGENT AND REVIEW YOUR BUILDING LIMITS.  Remember in insurance …. “The big print giveth and the little print taketh away” so ask your agent what is and isn’t covered.  Cheers.

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