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Oregon Legislature Extends Eviction Moratorium Until September 30th, 2022

Yesterday, December 13th, 2021, Legislature passed in the 2nd special session an extension to the moratorium on evictions for non-payment for tenants who have applied for emergency rental assistance. The housing policy bill, known as Senate Bill 891, was the reason the Governor called the special session.

In this bill, tenants that apply for rental assistance and provide documentation to their landlord before June 30th, 2022, will have a safe harbor from eviction until September 30th, 2022, or until their application is cancelled or denied. Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) will prioritize those that applied before December 1st, 2021, and cancel applications of tenants that are not responding to their requests. OHCS is required to notify the landlord if a tenant is denied, or an application is cancelled. 

Additionally, in this bill is the extension of the requirement for a 10-day or 14-day Notice to Pay or Vacate for Non-payment of Rent until Sept 30th, 2022. Landlords must send an updated version of the tenant protection letter with these non-payment notices served after the date that SB 891 is signed into law by the Governor. The updated tenant protection letter will be available on the Oregon Rental Housing Forms Store at

In another bill, Senate Bill 5561 is the budget companion bill to SB 891 which allocates $100 million to OHCS for rental assistance. $5 million was allocated to administrative costs to speed up the processing of rental assistance applications, and $10 million was added to the Landlord Guarantee Fund for landlords to recover lost funds due to canceled, denied or unprocessed rental assistance applications. Another $100 million was allocated for longer term rental assistance programs to be distributed through other local agencies. 

You can read the full bill here for SB 891:  

You can read the full bill here for SB 5561:

Jason Miller

Legislative Director, Oregon Rental Housing Association


By: Tia Politi, ORHA President
September, 2022

The new Forms Manual is out this month
It’s been a wild ride over the past two-and-a-half years, with ever-changing regulations, but we have finally finished the new Forms Manual! Local chapters can begin placing orders through Wild Apricot. Thank you all for your patience, it’s been a grueling project, made more challenging by our new numbering system, but we’re finally ready. Read ORHA Technology Chair, Cloud Miller’s outline of the new system later in this newsletter. 

Welcome back – What’s new?
Hope everyone had a chance to get some R & R in during August, because now it’s time to get back to work. I continue to be amazed at the progress being made by our ORHA Office Manager Ben Seamans with the help of Technology Chair Cloud Miller. At our last Executive Committee meeting, Ben unveiled another technological advance for our chapters regarding the monthly membership reports. What has been a challenging process for all of our chapters but especially the smaller groups is now streamlined and incorporated into Microsoft Teams. The new system allows members to easily and quickly prepare their reports which automatically get saved into the correct folder. Ben will be presenting the new system this month at our Bend meeting.

Cloud and Ben have been working tirelessly to drag us into the new age and I got choked up when Ben presented the new system because it was so great. When I look back over the past several months since Ben took over as ORHA Office Manager, his impact on ORHA has been astounding. In less than a year, he has taken us to a new level of efficiency and professionalism. And now Cloud has an office partner that can implement all the great ideas that have been swirling in his giant tech brain all these years. Go Team ORHA!

September Board Meeting & Leadership Dinner
One of our most fun meetings of the year is this month and marks our annual meeting in Bend. Always a great time! Continuing the tradition started by former ORHA President Terry Flora Turner, our Leadership Dinner at McMenamins is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. Friday, September 16th after Committee Meetings earlier in the day. This is a great opportunity to share a lovely meal, hear updates on our committees, and the direction we are heading for the next year. Attendance is open to officers of our local chapters, along with committee chairs and/or delegates, up to two per association, and each guest can bring a plus one.

Hope to see you there!

Annual Rent Increase Percentage:

Housing Providers (Landlords, Owners, Property Managers),

The maximum allowable rent increase percentage for the 2023 calendar year is 14.6%    (7% + CPI of 7.6%)

Oregon Maximum Annual Rent Increase for 2023


Oregon Rental Housing Association Forms Manual 2022 – 2023 Edition

Hello all, the Oregon Rental Housing Association has completed their 2022 – 2023 Forms Manual and is ready to start shipping orders in the coming weeks. Local Associations can start placing their bulk orders through the online Local Forms Store – ORHA is advising that Local Associations gather interest from their members and then place one large order with ORHA, rather than multiple small orders.

If you’re a member of a Local Association, looking to purchase your 2022 – 2023 Forms Manual, please contact your Local Association directly (click here). The Oregon Rental Housing Association will only process bulk orders to our Local Associations and will not process direct printed sales to the consumer.

Please click here for the 2020 Law Book Addendum # 1

(Local Associations: Please click here for the half-page print-out to include with new purchases)

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